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Apollo VV Battery Review

Apollo Variable Voltage (VV) Battery

Apollo Variable Voltage (VV) Battery
Apollo Variable Voltage (VV) Battery

The Apollo Variable Voltage (VV) eGo battery is the latest incarnation of the ever popular eGo electronic cigarette. At first glance, you maybe mistaken for thinking its just a pimped up eGo Twist, but I’m happy to say, you’d be wrong! Visually, yes, they have a lot in common, both are eGo’s after all, and both feature variable voltage, however when you delve deeper into the spec, the eGo VV is an entirely different beast. Its been refined, improved upon and honed to a level that is much more user friendly than the eGo Twist ever was.

The Apollo eGo VV simply caters to the needs of users in a way no other eGo has done previously. Its a revelation.

I’ve been using an Apollo Stainless Steel VV Vtube and Apollo eGo Superior kit for the past ten months and been more than happy with their performance, but as a gadget freak, I was intrigued by the eGo VV – its a best of both worlds device – variable voltage and eGo sleekness rolled into one. I had to get one!

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Apollo Superior eGo Kit Review

Apollo Superior eGo Kit

Apollo Superior Ego Kit
Apollo Superior Ego Kit – The CE4 adds a bit of additional height to the eGo (total length approx 144mm)

What can be said about the eGo e-cigarette that hasn’t been said before? When the eGo was launched it quickly revolutionized the vaping scene much in the same way as the 510 atomizer destroyed the good old 910. The eGo pretty much swept away all other conventional e-cig designs and still dominates the starter segment of the market. No wonder really – up till this point ecigs were unreliable, inconsistent and often frustrating.

This was the e-cigarette to be seen with. Its sleek lines, cool manual button and long life battery made it an overnight success perfectly at home in the hands of veterans and beginners alike. Its small dimensions meant you could slip it in a pocket, head out for the day with no worries. With the advent of cartomizers, tank systems and clearomizers things just kept getting better (no need to even carry a bottle of juice anymore).

Simply put… it just worked!

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