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Fellowes P-48C Review

Fellowes P-48C Shredder

Fellowes P-48C Shredder
Fellowes P-48C Shredder

I’ve come to the conclusion that electrical products have an built in self destruct chip. A few weeks ago the iron packed in and now its the turn of our paper shredder. Is it a coincidence that both were purchased in 2006 and both expired in 2012? As conspiracies go its not exactly up there with the “grassy knoll” I know, but suspicious all the same.

I’m being a bit harsh on old shreddie. Six years of relentless use is not too bad. I guess not oiling the blades or stuffing plastic bubble wrap and equally non shredder type material down its mouth didn’t help! Nevertheless it chewed it all up and spat out strips with aplomb – albeit noisily – coupled by a few creaks and groans along the way.

There isn’t a huge selection of home shredders out there. So choosing a new one was based on looks (how shallow). Not how pretty it was nor how it would fit in with my study, no, it had to “look” durable for the job in hand. A lot of supermarkets sell non branded budget shredders and while the “under a tenner” models represent good value, I don’t see them lasting the course of time.

Our previous paper shredder was the Fellowes P70CM – a compact device with its own cool looking wire basket. In fact it was so cool, I almost kept the basket as a backup waste bin. Common sense prevailed and fearful of becoming one of those freaky hoarders you see on the TV it went to the tip.

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