Liberro Holmes Blend Review

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Liberro Liquid Purity Holmes Blend E-Liquid

Liberro Liquid Purity Holmes Blend E-Liquid
Liberro Liquid Purity Holmes Blend E-Liquid

Don’t quote me on this, but I believe this e-liquid flavour is named after the famous calabash pipe smoking detective Sherlock Holmes – even Liberro recommend this juice for your e-pipe! So this should be interesting. Why? Well, if you peruse my other reviews, you’ll notice that I’m rather partial to a tobacco pipe (naughty, naughty, I know).

I opened the small black box and removed the plastic 10ml sample bottle. The liquid is a deep shade of orange and of thin consistency. I unscrewed the childproof cap and took a deep breath. Not much to report there. A slight cigar like aroma, but nothing overpowering. Filling a CE4 clearomizer the character became more apparent and reminded me of a generic Sahara blend – one which, I must confess, is not a favourite of mine.

Not wishing to disregard this simply on past impressions, I decided to give this e-liquid a bit more taste time than usual – vaping it between other flavours over a period of weeks rather than a couple of days. I think this was wise, as my first vape was not particularly rewarding. Holmes Blend is indeed a robust e-liquid with a distinctly woody after taste. In all honesty I couldn’t compare it to actual pipe tobacco, but I “get” what the blenders are trying to do – replicate a complex earthy tobacco – something a bit different from the norm.

Again, I return to the generic Sahara flavour. If you are familiar with this, you’ll understand that its has a touch of cigar and burnt chocolate about it. Holmes Blend is very similar in that respect, though slightly more rounded and not so sickly rich. After a few days it becomes more friendly and I started to enjoy the subtleties, which include a background coffee note and woodland nuttiness on exhale. Given sufficient time this will definitely grow on you.

Vapour production is good and throat hit likewise. I would recommend using a dedicated atomizer/tank as the leathery edged flavour lingers somewhat and could taint more delicately flavoured e-liquids.

With the bottle contents dwindling, I decided its not going to be a juice I’ll return to, even though I started to appreciate it more than I originally did. But, hey ho, don’t let that put you off! It is literally bursting with camp fire flavour – just a bit too strong for my personal taste.

Liberro stocks Holmes Blend in PG (Propylene Glycol) and High 1.8% (18mg) only. With two bottle sizes to choose from: 10ml or 30ml.

Why not give it a go and see what you think?

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