Apollo Classic Tobacco Review

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Apollo Classic Tobacco E-Liquid

Apollo Classic Tobacco E-Liquid
Apollo Classic Tobacco E-Liquid

Its been a while since I reviewed an e-liquid – when I find something I like, I stick with it and Apollo’s Tobacco flavour has been doing it for me recently! That said I was curious about their “Classic Tobacco”, so picked up a 24mg, 30ml bottle to try (30ml was a bit adventurous – should have tried a 10ml sampler first). I also ordered a 30ml bottle of their regular “Tobacco” just in case I didn’t like it.

In direct comparison the two bottles couldn’t be more different. While the regular tobacco e-liquid had a familiar lemony shade the classic version was distinct – a vibrant, if not artificial pinkish orange. Unscrewing the childproof cap it was evident this was going to be a flavourful e-liquid. Apollo describes this as a classic full bodied American tobacco blend, but to my nose it has a soapiness to it with a touch of coffee and I didn’t get any tobacco nuances at all. When I think of classic American tobacco my mind conjures up Virginia’s and Burleys, rich earthy Kentucky tones, but not here.

As always the ultimate test comes from vaping, so I carefully filled a brand new DCT and let it sit for a few minutes.

Hitting the power button for the first time was initially enjoyable. While completely different from my regular stock of neutral flavoured tobacco e-liquid, the first few puffs left me with a feeling of expectancy as the juice sizzled away. I thought this would grow on me, but after a while the sickly sweet aniseed elements left me reaching for the spare bottle of regular Tobacco!

Classic Tobacco is a complex Propylene Glycol (PG) based e-liquid, one of the hardest to pin down – there is no real stand out component to describe except a sharp aniseedy aftertaste. It is definitely hearty in nature, alas overly scented like¬†potpourri. It does however produce great plumes of vapour and as its of very thin consistency works well in DCT’s and clearomizers (thinner liquids wick better in my opinion).

Never one to give up, I gave the Classic blend numerous, albeit short vaping sessions, as that is all I could take. A few puffs here and there was fine, but after a while it becomes just too sickly and soapy, too full-on, to be a daily vape. I’m glad I purchased that spare bottle.

Throat hit was okay, nothing spectacular, but it was there.

I believe the Apollo “Classic Tobbaco” e-liquid is lacking in one vital aspect… tobacco flavour! I really don’t get this one, it is about as far removed from a tobacco flavour as it gets. Of course taste testing is very subjective, but I’ve tried a lot of tobacco flavours over the years and this is a complete departure from the tobacco route. It will also taint atomizers with its strong aftertaste so use a dedicated one for this liquid.

Unfortunately, I concluded “Classic Tobacco” wasn’t for me. I gave it a good shot, but it never delivered. One for the plug hole I’m afraid! I’ll stick with Apollo’s regular Tobacco from now on.

Apollo e-liquids are made in the USA and this flavour like most others is available in two bottle sizes (10ml and 30ml) and various strengths – 0mg (Zero), 6mg (Low), 12mg (Medium), 18mg (High) and 24mg (Extra High).


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