TYT TH-UV3R Preview

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TYT TH-UV3R Camouflage model
TYT TH-UV3R Camouflage model

Just received a pair of TYT TH-UV3R’s from 409Shop. Although the TYT shares the “UV3R” designation with the BaoFeng UV3R, they are actually totally different radios.

The TH-UV3R is an ultra compact VHF/UHF FM transceiver and generally sold as a dual bander (136-174/400-470MHz), however this model is actually a tri-band radio and can be unlocked with the official TYT programming software (available from the downloads section at tyt888.com) to enable 200-260MHz and also extend the UHF range from 470-520MHz.

Power output is a modest 2W on high (touted as 2.5W but we’ll go with the former) and 0.8W low. Features include dual watch, FM radio with presets, scan, VOX, tone scanning, alpha tags amongst others (surprisingly no LED flashlight – now there is a first!). The two things that really attracted me to this model is the scrambler function and price – a real bargain at under $55 direct from Hong Kong.

Available in black, red, green or camo (I chose the latter to be a little different!).

This is a straightforward radio to use and while it has its quirks (and what Chinese radio doesn’t?), so far I’m thoroughly enjoying them.

Full review here…

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