Apollo RY4 Review

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Apollo RY4 E-Liquid

Apollo RY4 E-Liquid
Apollo RY4 E-Liquid

RY4 is a very popular e-liquid combining a subtle blend of tobacco, vanilla and caramel flavours. Its an ideal starter liquid, as its not at all harsh and produces a decent amount of vapour.

The somewhat unusual “RY4” designation originates from the company Ruyan (hence the “RY“), but these days numerous variations are produced by different manufacturers all with their own take on the “RY” theme. Incidentally, you may find RY1, RY2, RY3 and RY4 for sale elsewhere which range in delicacy and sweetness, but RY4 is by far the most popular and the best all-rounder in my opinion.

I’ve tried RY4 before, but not Apollo’s version of this classic.

My nicotine of choice is 24mg strength and that’s what we will be reviewing today.

Upon opening the childproof cap (which is a standard safety feature on all Apollo’s e-liquid containers), I was greeted by a familiar and refreshing aroma. The consistency is slightly thicker than the average tobacco liquid, but not so thick as to make wicking problematic. Liquid colour is translucent lemon. For the review I filled a brand new CE4 clearomizer (atop a freshly charged eGo battery).

Apollo RY4 is Propylene Glycol (PG) based with added Glycerin so the vapour production is rich – filling the air with a treacly aroma that lingered for a few seconds. Throat hit is a very important factor for me so I was pleased that this e-liquid had the punch I was after. That said, its not overwhelming – the caramel imparts a sweetness that washes away any harshness. Of course, “throat hit” is very much dependant upon the nicotine strength as anything else and Apollo stocks two bottle sizes (10ml and 30ml) and various strengths – 0mg (Zero), 6mg (Low), 12mg (Medium), 18mg (High) and 24mg (Extra High) so you can experiment to find the perfect one for you.

I’ve always looked upon RY4 as a bit of a connoisseurs juice – its one of the original e-liquids and Apollo has managed to capture the true RY4 essence while adding their own ingredients to spice it up.

After a few days of vaping RY4 the overall feel is that it is slightly milder than others I’ve tried but don’t be put off by that – it has an edge to it – like freshly milled pepper with a hint of citrus. This may not be a hardcore tobacco flavour in the truest sense, but it hit’s the spot, leaving a nice clean taste. The ideal mellow afternoon vape.

Check out Apollo’s entire range of e-liquids here.


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