Apollo Superior eGo Kit Review

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Apollo Superior eGo Kit

Apollo Superior Ego Kit
Apollo Superior Ego Kit – The CE4 adds a bit of additional height to the eGo (total length approx 144mm)

What can be said about the eGo e-cigarette that hasn’t been said before? When the eGo was launched it quickly revolutionized the vaping scene much in the same way as the 510 atomizer destroyed the good old 910. The eGo pretty much swept away all other conventional e-cig designs and still dominates the starter segment of the market. No wonder really – up till this point ecigs were unreliable, inconsistent and often frustrating.

This was the e-cigarette to be seen with. Its sleek lines, cool manual button and long life battery made it an overnight success perfectly at home in the hands of veterans and beginners alike. Its small dimensions meant you could slip it in a pocket, head out for the day with no worries. With the advent of cartomizers, tank systems and clearomizers things just kept getting better (no need to even carry a bottle of juice anymore).

Simply put… it just worked!

There are numerous eGo kits around today, but one that recently caught my eye is the Apollo Superior eGo Kit. This package takes vaping to a new level with the excellent CE4 clearomizer included as standard.

I’ve been road testing this kit for a while now so lets delve into the box.

And what a nice box! Its been a while since I had a “proper” kit – and it reminded me of the anticipation I had back in 2008 when I received my first ever ecig. Most big battery mods don’t come in boxes and that’s what I’ve been using since 2009. But I digress. It’s a sturdy box with a magnetic style open/close flap. The contents are neatly packed inside.

The box!
The box!

Contents include: 2 Apollo branded 900mAh eGo-T lithium batteries (510 fitting), 2 CE4 clearomizers, 1 user manual, 1 10ml filling bottle equipped with a micro nozzle (specially designed to refill the CE4), 1 USB charger and a EU  wall adaptor. If you live in the UK you’ll also receive a standard 3 pin UK wall plug. In addition a 10ml bottle of Apollo e-liquid in the flavour and strength (mg) of your choice is included free (enter choice during ordering).

Inside the box
Inside the box

The supplied batteries come part charged, but its always advisable to charge them fully before use. As a rule a fully discharged battery takes around 4 hours to reach full (the charger LED progressively illuminates red to green during this process) which isn’t bad considering it should last around 9 hours of fairly heavy usage.

Wall adaptors and USB charger
Wall adaptors and USB charger

The detailed user manual explains all you need to know about charging and how to operate the device to get the best performance, plus some useful tips if you experience any issues.

Once charging is complete, screw the CE4 back on. Fill up the 1.6ml capacity tank with e-liquid and press the small battery button 5 times to turn it on (if its not already on of course). The button will flash 5 times to indicate its ready. To switch off simply press again 5 times and a fast sequence of flashes tells you its off (and safe to go in your pocket with no fear of firing the atomizer). The button is illuminated by a bright blue LED, but because your thumb fully covers it (during operation) it can be successfully used for stealth vaping.

A standard 10 second activation cut off protects atomizers from excessive heat.

A specially designed 10ml bottle is included for refilling the CE4 cleaomizers
A specially designed 10ml bottle is included for refilling the CE4 clearomizers

And that really is it. A very easy set-up indeed and nothing untoward experienced. On day one I happily vaped away until the juice ran empty and the 900mAh batteries performed great. I was a bit sceptical that as a VTube user (myself) I would not get the performance I needed out of something fixed at 3.7v (actual working voltage 3.3v-4.2v), but rest assured they will last a regular vaper a full day. A full day for me being roughly 10-12 hours worth of usability – vaping on and off every half hour or so – in that context it gave between 8 and 9 hours which I think is good. Of course you may get slightly more or less. This is wholly down to usage so bear that in mind. The CE4’s deliver a good solid hit and cracking vapour production with minimum fuss involved. For more information about the CE4 clearomizer and how it works please read my in depth review.

I must say for someone that has never even used an eGo before I can now fully understand why they are so popular. I suppose if things had panned out differently and I hadn’t have headed off down the big battery mod route I would have been hooked on these a couple of years ago. That said I’ll keep the eGo in my vaping arsenal especially when out shopping or in the car – much more convenient.

This is a highly recommended kit which comes with a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee and one year warranty (2 weeks warranty on the CE4’s).

Check out the Apollo Superior eGo Kit today which includes free shipping!


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