Apollo Sahara Review

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Apollo Sahara E-Liquid

Apollo Sahara E-Liquid
Apollo Sahara E-Liquid

When I received a bottle of 24mg strength Sahara e-liquid from Apollo Ecigs the first thing that struck me was the colour. Its significantly darker than most tobacco juices – a deep earthy reddish orange. And even before I opened the childproof cap I could smell the contents quite easily. This is what I would describe as a “robust” e-liquid. It conjures up a middle eastern cafe – strong espresso and flavourful tobacco pipes. Its aptly named.

Prior to vaping I like to give new juices the “sniff” test (don’t we all?!). This is, as Apollo rightly describes it: “bold”. It has a hint of burnt caramel, somewhat spicy on the nose and characteristically cigar-like – more so than a regular tobacco e-liquid. Prior to testing I actually thought Sahara would be akin to Camel but it isn’t – there is no nuttiness whatsoever.

Liquid viscosity is in the intermediate range – not too thick or thin and is Propylene Glycol (PG) based with added Glycerin. The ultimate test of course, is vaping. Often strong aromatic e-liquids get toned down when atomized but not so here. What really stood out was the taste. It vapes like it smells, but there is much more to it than that. Something that wasn’t noticeable before – a very distinct chocolate – yes, a dark, rich almost burnt chocolate to be precise.

Throat hit was good and the liquid generated a decent amount of thick lingering vapour, but for me, the flavour was a bit too overwhelming to be a daily vape (best accompanied by a strong coffee). I can see the appeal of a really hearty flavour especially if your palate has been jaded with years of smoking regular cigarettes, but my usual tobacco flavours are significantly milder and I’m used to that.

In my opinion Sahara would make an ideal blending juice. Because the flavour is so concentrated and full-on it would give a huge edge to any subtle juice.

Of course its all very subjective – suffice to say if you like chocolate and can handle something with a “serious” flavour I’d definitely say go for it. If not, I’d advise looking at Apollo’s Regular Tobacco.

Apollo stocks two bottle sizes (10ml and 30ml) and various strengths – 0mg (Zero), 6mg (Low), 12mg (Medium), 18mg (High) and 24mg (Extra High). Its always advisable to try a sample (10ml) bottle first just in case you don’t like it.

Check out Apollo’s entire range of e-liquids here.


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