Apollo Tobacco Review

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Apollo Tobacco E-Liquid

Apollo Tobacco E-Liquid
Apollo Tobacco E-Liquid

Personally speaking of all the Apollo tobacco flavour e-liquids I’ve tried recently its somewhat ironic that my favourite is the one left till last! And funnily enough its just the regular “Tobacco” at that.

All the juices reviewed so far have been 24mg (extra high) strength and no change here. It ticks all the boxes not too strong, nor too weak and the ideal choice for throat hit and average nicotine needs.

Opening up the childproof cap, the aroma is less striking than RY4 and definitely less pungent than Sahara. Its decidedly tobacco (sounds stupid I know considering it is tobacco flavour), but it really does have a whiff of fresh tobacco leaves. There is a sweet edge to it, but not overpowering from a scent perspective.

Visually, it has a lemony hue and is slightly thinner than both the RY4 and Sahara e-liquids. Again it’s a Propylene Glycol (PG) based juice with added Glycerin. Its very well suited for use in a clearomizer as thicker juices tend to restrict the internal wicks absorption rate. This juice seems to flow effortlessly and produces plenty of thick vapour as a result.

I’ve been vaping since 2008 and over the years have tried various tobacco e-liquids. This one I’d rank up there with my favourites. For the most part it replicates a proper “smoke” and while it does have a slight sweetness – after taste more than anything – the overall sensation is smokey as opposed sugary. I like that aspect, especially for a daily vape. While sweet tasting juices have their place, I really can’t get on with them all day long, so if you are like me and prefer something more neutral (almost bland, but not in a bad way), then Apollo’s “Tobacco” maybe the way to go?

Apollo stocks two bottle sizes (10ml and 30ml) and various strengths – 0mg (Zero), 6mg (Low), 12mg (Medium), 18mg (High) and 24mg (Extra High).

Why not treat yourself to a sample bottle from Apollo’s range here and see what you think?


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