Liberro Knightsbridge Review

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Liberro Liquid Purity Knightsbridge E-Liquid

Liberro Liquid Purity Knightsbridge E-Liquid
Liberro Liquid Purity Knightsbridge E-Liquid

Today I’ll be sampling the delights of Liquid Purity available exclusively from Liberro, a name you can trust for quality (ISO9001 accredited) and customer service – I should know I’ve purchased quite a few liquids and e-cig bits from them since 2008 (back when they were known as

I recently received six 10ml sample bottles (various flavours), all High, 1.8% nicotine (or 18mg in old money).

I’ll start off with an interesting take on a semi traditional tobacco flavour called Knightsbridge.

The plastic bottled liquid comes within a very classy black box with instructions on use, nicotine strength, health warnings and quality assurance printed on the sides. Liquid Purity is produced in the UK by Decadent Vapours using pharmaceutical grade nicotine. Stringent batch control ensure unrivalled quality and consistency in every bottle and manufacturing is fully compliant with all relevant UK and EU safety standards.

What immediately struck me was the pure (no pun intended) look of the liquid coupled with the fine clean aroma. Its perfectly clear with a hint of lemon and has a fluid viscosity – not too thick. It is Liquid Purity after all.

Testing e-liquids is akin to wine tasting, in as much as many senses are used to gauge the overall quality. So far so good. I dripped a tiny drop to fully explore the scent. I got a slightly sweet tone somewhat reminiscent of RY4. Not as strong or sickly sweet, but honey edged, with citrus undertones.

I filled a brand new CE4 clearomizer, swirled the contents and fired up.

Considering this is slighter weaker in nicotine content than I am used to (2.4%/24mg is my staple), the throat hit was good, bordering on excellent. I really enjoy a good “hit” that’s what makes or breaks a decent e-liquid in my opinion. Vapour production or “body” was good, solid if not lingering. Of course vapour production can be influenced by atomizer type and voltage, but for a standard 3.7v device (as used in this review) it was perfectly acceptable, using a variable voltage mod could produce more or less. I would hazard a guess that the VG version would produce significant plumes.

The initial scent of RY4 was no longer there during inhalation, in fact it took me a few hours to determine the major taste element was coconut. Subtle, but I got a delicious desiccated coconut on exhale. Its dry, silky and not particularly sweet (just a little on inhale) which is another good thing with tobacco themed e-liquids. Sweet can be pleasing – too much and it becomes a dessert! I like fairly neutral e-liquids and this has it all.

Liberro stocks Knightsbridge in both PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and nicotine strengths to suit most tastes: X-High 2.4% (24mg), High 1.8% (18mg), Medium 1.4% (14mg) and Low 1.1% (11mg). Two bottle sizes are available, regular 30ml and a 10ml, the latter ideal for sampling, both with childproof caps as standard.

I must say I’d be very happy to vape Knightsbridge all day long. It such a smooth, cool vape.

I’d definitely recommend this to vapers that enjoy tobacco juices with no hidden surprises.

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