Liberro Cafe Noir Review

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Liberro Liquid Purity Cafe Noir E-Liquid

Liberro Liquid Purity Cafe Noir E-Liquid
Liberro Liquid Purity Cafe Noir E-Liquid

As a traditional tobacco e-liquid vaper I’m not exactly renowned for experimenting with “exotic” flavours, apart from when I first started vaping back in 2008. Then I would try anything and everything. At one stage I even blended my own concoctions, mixing unflavoured 36mg nicotine juice, with supermarket food flavourings and added Glycerin BP from the local pharmacy.

Happy days or not?

I recall I had a few successes, but alas more failures! One blend I was quite fond of was my homemade “coffee”. A touch on the bland side it still ranked up there with my finest creations. As time went by I ditched my homemade brews and got stuck in a proverbial “tobacco” rut.

Recently I’ve become keen on experimenting once again and Liberro’s excellent Liquid Purity range is a great place to start as they stock numerous high quality flavoured liquids.

Amongst the samples I received was a box containing a 10ml plastic bottle of Cafe Noir (1.8%/18mg nicotine strength). From what I painfully recall from French lessons at school this translates as Black Coffee.

As with all Liquid Purity e-liquids the bottle comes within a glossy black box which contains all the relevant details printed on the outside. The 10ml sample bottles are plastic, have a childproof cap and a standard dripper style nozzle.

Like I said, I haven’t tried a coffee flavoured e-liquid for nigh on 5 years so this would be interesting. I removed the lid and took a sniff. The aroma is not particularly strong on the nose. A faint coffee/caramel scent was noted. As coffee is obviously quite bitter and strong I was half expecting something more robust, maybe even harsh, but as I’m not too keen on really potent e-liquids this was a bonus. The defining test would be vaping.

I filled a CE4 clearomizer and screwed it on to my waiting eGo. The liquid is relatively thin and not excessively coloured – a transparent golden hue (I remember my homemade coffee e-liquid was a deep brown shoe polish colour, with the consistency of gloopy honey – not very enticing!).

I took a long and steady draw. On inhale there was definitely a touch of Columbian coffee – like breathing in a handful of freshly roasted coffee beans. On exhale this was compounded, and a full on rich somewhat espresso coffee lingered in the throat, even after the last vapour had extinguished. Wow, what a great experience. The throat hit was consistent and good and vapour production spot on.

I imagined I was sitting beside the Mediterranean, somewhere on the sunsoaked French Riviera, sipping a strong morning coffee at a local café, but I digress!

Liberro only stocks Cafe Noir in PG (Propylene Glycol) and High 1.8% (18mg), but do offer two bottle sizes: regular 30ml and a 10ml sampler.

Coffee is a complex flavour to reproduce accurately. It needs to be rounded with good body, not sweet or too harsh and I think Liberro’s got this one nailed. Its a great e-liquid to start the day (and end it for that matter!).

I’m impressed and if you are a coffee lover, I’m sure you will be too!

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