Liberro Eskimo Review

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Liberro Liquid Purity Eskimo E-Liquid

Liberro Liquid Purity Eskimo E-Liquid
Liberro Liquid Purity Eskimo E-Liquid

When I used to smoke cigarettes I’d occasionally buy a pack of menthol cigarettes, not very often, just now and then. I can’t say they were a favourite, just a change from the bland smoky taste that most smokers experience after a while.

Anyway, I never really found the menthol flavour had the same sort of “hit” as a regular stick. Similarly, when I started vaping I never really got into menthol scene, so I thought it high time I tested out a bottle of Liberro’s Liquid Purity Eskimo e-liquid, to see if my tastes had changed over the years!

As with all Liberro’s Purity range they are made with pharmaceutical grade nicotine (barring the 0%/0mg, of course) and the finest flavourings, all manufactured here in the UK by Decadent Vapours exclusively for Liberro.

Each bottle is contained within its own glossy black box, sealed and topped with a childproof cap. The 10ml sample bottle is plastic, whereas the larger 30ml version is glass. Each has a dripper style nozzle.

As anticipated, Eskimo e-juice is clear, like liquid ice. I carefully unscrewed the lid and took a deep breath. Wow, no prizes for guessing this is a menthol blend. A real nasal clearer for sure!

Incidentally, I’d be using the 1.8% (18mg) strength version for the review.

I filled up a waiting clearomizer and as is customary swirled the contents and prepared to vape. As the warm vapour filled my mouth I could already tell this was going to be glacial. Even my lips experienced a deep freeze numbing on inhale. On exhale, I can only describe the  sensation as being mugged by a Trebor Extra (XXX) Strong Mint! An arctic blast of a throat hit, hit the spot unlike any conventional menthol cigarette, which I always found too mild. Vapour production, or body, was solid and rich, and as the intense minty flavour lingers in the mouth and sinuses for a while, I couldn’t honestly say if the air around me was filled with the same polar room note. Its refreshing and clean tasting to boot.

When it comes to menthol/mint e-liquids I don’t really have any experience to speak of, so it would be unfair to say this is the best menthol flavour around, but I can imagine it must be up there purely for the unadulterated iciness and palate cleansing properties alone. One piece of advice though – make sure you allocate an atomizer/clearomizer/tank just for menthol as it is such a strong flavour it will “ghost” even after rinsing.

If you are a regular menthol vaper, Liberro’s Liquid Purity should be high on you next shopping list. It lives up to its name make no mistake!

This is one cool e-liquid (excuse the pun).

Liberro stocks Eskimo in PG (Propylene Glycol) only, but the full range of nicotine strengths: X-High 2.4% (24mg), High 1.8% (18mg), Medium 1.4% (14mg), Low 1.1% (11mg) as well as Zero 0% (0mg). Available in 10ml and 30ml bottle sizes.

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