Liberro Venetian Cherry Review

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Liberro Liquid Purity Venetian Cherry E-Liquid

Liberro Liquid Purity Venetian Cherry E-Liquid
Liberro Liquid Purity Venetian Cherry E-Liquid

Today, I’ll be testing another e-liquid from Liberro’s Liquid Purity range: Venetian Cherry. I know from fellow vapers that Cherry is a very popular flavour and as I’ve been on a bit of a vape tasting spree these past few weeks, I couldn’t wait any longer to experience the fruity delights that this one conjoured up.

Just for the record, I’ll be using a High 1.8% (18mg) nicotine strength, PG (Propylene Glycol) 10ml sample bottle of Venetian Cherry. Referring to the Liberro website, I see that 1.8%/PG is currently the only option. Rest assured, I recently heard from the owners that they will be releasing more strength combinations in due course – so keep checking back for updates.

As with all the Liquid Purity e-liquids, each bottle comes within a nicely designed glossy black box and incorporate the obligatory, and now industry standard, childproof cap and health warnings.

Unscrewing the lid I was greeted with a very realistic cherry interpretation – it was almost like someone had kindly pitted a bowl of ripe fruit before me. A sweet fragrance with a distinct sour edge. A hint of bubblegum, I’m sure of that too.

As is always the case, vaping would reveal the true properties. Out came the trusty eGo. I filled a CE4 to the brim and examined the viscosity and colour – free flowing, a little thicker than usual (but still ideal for clearomizers) and clear, maybe with a slight yellow tint, or is that my eyes?

I took a long and thoughtful drag. A warm mellow fruitiness filled my mouth and I purposefully exhaled through my nose to fully appreciate the cherry essence. Nice, I like it. Vapour production was good and while I didn’t notice much of a throat hit the “smoking” sensation was satisfying, if not a little mild for my personal taste. The cherry flavour itself is quite subtle and that maybe why the throat hit seemed a tad weaker than usual – that or a combination of nicotine strength – its all very subjective this!

In defence of the flavour it is very accurate and after a day or two I grew accustomed to the elements that make it what it is (if that makes sense?). The bubblegum background, the cherry on top, a touch of sugared almonds, the smoothness – its all here.

Liberro also sells another Cherry version – Sweet Cherry Blush. I really need to test that too – for review purposes of course!

Summing up. I would class this as a mild fruity flavour with good body, but limited “hit”. If you are a fruity juice fan I could easily see this as an all day vape, as it isn’t overpowering or offensive in any way.

Liquid Purity is exclusively produced in the UK by Decadent Vapours using pharmaceutical grade nicotine – check out to peruse their entire range.

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