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Peterson Deluxe System 11FB Pipe Review Part 1

Peterson Deluxe System 11FB
Peterson Deluxe System 11FB

My love affair with Peterson pipes goes back to the late eighties. The local tobacconist I frequented sold a few good pipes and a lot more lower quality unbranded or basket pipes. My modest collection fitted the latter bracket so I would enviously eye the Peterson range which unfortunately were out of my teenage budget.

I recall the pipe I longed for was clipped to a wooden board or more precisely a screen covered in holes, and had a £60 price tag hanging from its bent stem – bear in mind my most expensive pipe at the time cost around £14 (an Italian made Meerschaum lined Prince), so this was a lot of money back then. It was a rustic briar, similar to a System 314 in appearance. Very remiss of me, but I never knew the exact model number, just that I liked the shape!

Anyway, I never got it, but I swore that, one day, I would aquire a Peterson of Dublin pipe.

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