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BaoFeng UV-5R/UV-5R+ Plus FM Transceiver Review Part 2

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BaoFeng UV-5R (left) and UV-5R+ Plus (right)
BaoFeng UV-5R (left) and UV-5R+ Plus (right)

The BaoFeng UV-5 is a neatly engineered little radio. And it is little: 55mm (wide) x 150mm (L) x 27mm (D) approx (measured at widest/longest parts and with no antenna). The plastic moulding is good and belies the price tag.

Before we proceed to operating/programming, a quick tour of the unit is in order.

The tri-colour LED backlit dual frequency display sits above a small speaker that provides good clean audio. The mic aperture is positioned to the left of the speaker (viewed from the front) and just below the RX/TX LED and orange VFO/MR button. Same side and from the top is the Call button, PTT (Push To Talk) and MONI (monitor) button. On the right side is the combined SP (speaker) MIC (microphone) socket – accessed via an attached flexible plastic cover.

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