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Panda ecigs Evolve Kit Review

Panda ecigs Evolve Kit

Panda ecigs Evolve e-cigarette
Panda ecigs Evolve e-cigarette

Over the last few months I have explored a number of electronic cigarettes (or personal vaporizers if you prefer), ranging from advanced models to the basic disposable. Today’s review product fills the gap between the two.

Down to basics.

So you have tried a disposable and liked it, however, you need something that will last a bit longer, can be refilled and recharged, but don’t want the hassle of an advanced model that requires a more hands on approach (just yet). Maybe you prefer a cigarette sized device? That makes perfect sense. Psychology, plays a part when quitting and anything that helps that process is a good thing.

This narrows down the field considerably and to be honest one of the best kits I’ve found so far hails from pandaecigs.com.

The Panda ecigs Evolve Kit is an entry level 3.7v PV squarely aimed at newcomers to the wonderful world of vaping. It contains everything required to really kick start a smoke free lifestyle.

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