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Apollo Dual Coil Tank Review

Apollo Dual Coil Tank (DCT) 3.5ml/6.0ml 3 Ohms (HR)

Apollo Dual Coil Tank (DCT) 6.0ml 3 Ohms (HR)
Apollo Dual Coil Tank (DCT) 6.0ml 3 Ohms (HR)

With the latest developments in cartomizer and clearomizer technology, I have gradually weaned myself off direct atomizer dripping and moved into the tank scene! Dripping (as its known) is the old school approach¬† – “dripping” a few drops of eliquid directly into a waiting atomizer, rather than filling a tank. As a vaping purist, there really is no better way to experience e-liquid flavour. This method has its drawbacks. While it is fine lounging around in front of the TV, when out and about or driving its not so convenient.

Regular readers will recall that I generally use a couple of devices. Namely an Apollo Vtube and eGo topped with a CE4 – my go to clearomizer solution. I hadn’t really considered “proper” tank options as I was happy enough with the CE4’s. To cut a long story short, I decided to purchase a couple of Dual Coil Tank (DCT) cartomizers from Apollo just to see what they are like and these are my impressions.

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