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Vermont Freehand Pipe Kit Review

VT (Vermont) Freehand Pipe Kit

Vermont Freehand Pipe Kit
Vermont Freehand Pipe Kit

Today’s review is somewhat different. In fact, it has all the hallmarks of a pictorial article rather than an actual review – I mean, can you actually review a block of briar? Sort of!

Warning this post is picture heavy!

I’ve made a few pipes, but that was many years ago and none were briar. I’m not sure why, but since I started smoking a pipe (again), I have had this overwhelming desire to make a “proper” pipe. I say make loosely – I currently don’t have the machinery required to bore out the smoking chamber or draft hole (I’m working on it!). So I’d have to pick up a predrilled block which would serve as a creative carving platform. Its a small enough compromise to make when you can’t do everything yourself, and in all honesty, shaping the pipe gives me the greatest pleasure, so with that decided, I searched the web for a pipe kit.

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