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Apollo VTube 2.0 VV Review

Limited Edition Stainless Steel

Apollo Limited Edition Stainless Steel VTube
Apollo Limited Edition Stainless Steel VTube

Ecigarettes or personal vaping devices have come along way since their inception. In fact when I look back to 2008 (when I first started) ecigs are unrecognisable from the original products in both performance and looks.

I suppose back then I wanted an ecig to look like a cigarette – it was a comfort to hold something of similar dimensions and see that little orange LED glow each time I took a puff but these things were expensive and didn’t last that long what with the small battery and all. For a heavy smoker I found I was charging batteries via USB every 20 minutes and don’t get me started on those bloody wool filled cartridges!

Fortunately, as time passed improved devices came along and I flittered from the latest gadget to the next. The good thing is that they helped me quit and while some adverts made outrageous claims about “saving money” I reckon I spent more on ecigs during the early years than I ever would have on cigarettes during the same period!

In early 2011 a device called the Lavatube attracted my attention. This sleek and stealthy black tube looked the business and was the first variable voltage mod that fell comfortably into my limited budget.

I picked up a fully featured kit including batteries, charger and all that good stuff. What a revelation – I had never used a variable voltage mod before and was overwhelmed with the performance. For the first time ever I was able to hit that “sweet spot” every time rather than get a mouth full of juice or an indifferent vape. I was hooked on the tube.

As you’ll no doubt know most of these devices hail from China and many sellers market the same/or similar products under different names such as the Lavatube, VTube, Torpedo, Knight Rider and the ThunderVolt (to name but a few).

I was happy with my tube and while it had a few cosmetic issues namely the cheap looking plastic end caps it didn’t distract from the solid vape it consistently delivered. I had read on various forums that if dropped, the plastic battery end cap would fall off and even though it could take a fall and survive (relatively intact!), I kind of wished my tube was a bit more sturdy.

Old style plastic end caps
Old style plastic end caps

Enter the solid stainless steel VTube!

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